Web Pages  –  I make your web page content relevant, entertaining, informative and easy for search engines to find.

Blogs  –   I can fill your need for up to date, relevant information, according to your scheduling needs.  Keep your page current with your business blog!

Articles – Whether you need an article for a blog post, a web page, or as a social media post, I’m available to write on a number of topics.

Social Media

Posts – When your words are limited, each one weighs more… what you say needs to have punch and attract your desired audience

Management – Do you need someone to monitor and watch over your account?  Maybe you need someone to post relevant content for your business and monitor responses…

Marketing – Designing ads made for your target audience is essential!  Let a pro help you!


Emails – If you need someone to develop a persuasive email campaign directed at your customers or prospects, I can work with you, or on my own, to do that!

Direct Mail – It’s still the most effective format for advertising.  I can help you design a direct mail campaign that converts.

Marketing Materials – Brochures, Rack Cards, Flyers… They all need to contain the written word.  Let me help you find your voice!


Reach Out!  I am eager to hear about your project, and to discuss pricing options.   Pricing will depend on the scope of the project, which we will determine at your free initial consultation.